Friday, February 23, 2007

March 2007 Brown Bag Programs

Wed. March 7th
Too Hot Not To Handle
Today’s speaker is Jane Trechsel, a local actress and author of
A Morning Cup of Yoga. Her audio-visual presentation today
will address the question of climate change and ways we can
reduce its effects.

Wed. March 14th
A Global Warning
Today’s film stirred controversy at the end of 2006. This film
is a passionate and inspiring look at former Vice President
Al Gore's campaign to expose the myths and misconceptions of
global warming, and to create public awareness on the subject.

Wed. March 21st
Creatures of the Deep
Today’s film takes viewers on an underwater adventure complete
with strange and terrific creatures deep under the ocean’s
surface. Award winning director James Cameron is our guide on
this journey into the deep.

Wed. March 28th
Deathly Ascent
We will travel to the extreme opposite end of the earth for
today’s film as we venture to the heights of Mt. McKinley,
the highest point in North America. This NOVA film attempts
to solve the mystery of the many high altitude deaths which
have occurred on McKinley’s summit. We will follow high altitude
rescuers, emergency medical evacuation teams, and scientists
leading cutting edge experiments as they attempt to save climbers
from deathly ascents.

Programs are Wednesdays in the Library’s Meeting Room from 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Please bring a sack lunch; drinks and dessert are provided.
For more information, please contact Katie Moellering at 205-445-1118 or

-Katie M.

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