Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"The Lovely Bones" slated for the big screen

Alice Sebold is no doubt pleased that the film rights to her novel, The Lovely Bones, were picked up last month by DreamWorks. Again, one of my favorite blogs, Cinematical, has come through with the dish on another book-to-screen adaptation! Rachel Weisz (if you didn't see The Constant Gardener, another book-to-screen adaptation I might add, go back and have a look. She was FaNtAsTiC!) is the only one to have signed on so far, but with Peter Jackson doing the adaptation work, the cast will no doubt fill up quickly.

Happy Reading!

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Emmet O'Neal Library said...

New York Magazine got a peek at the script and reviewed it...they are being cautious in their estimations, concerned that the reading popularity might not crossover into viewing popularity due to the heavy content. I guess we'll see!