Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cool Reads for the Hot Sand ! ! !

If you haven't been to the beach yet this year, get thee hence as soon as possible. This blog entry comes to you directly from Seagrove Beach, Florida and I'm sharing the great books I brought with me AND a great USA Today article on some recently published great beach reads you should be able to get additional info on at your local library.

Crowned In a Far Country: Portraits of Eight Royal Brides by HRH Princess Michael of Kent
This delightful biographical work got right to the heart of what I generally want to know about people I'm interested in. How did Catherine the Great really feel about spending her life in Russia? Was Marie Antionnette a spoiled party girl or a misguided youth given too much power too early? Did all dukes, princes and kings cheat on their wives? This is a light, quick read with great intimate detail about the royal lives of women who had to leave all they knew and held dear in the name of duty.

How to Hepburn by Karen Karbo
Kathryn Hepburn was so ahead of her time that it is nearly incomprehensible to understand how she managed to become one of the greatest actresses of all time. From her chronic nervousness and tremors to her constant departure from cultural norms, Hepburn lived life on her own terms no matter the costs involved. Karbo takes some of the most infamous moments in Hepburn's life and refines them down to easy concept ideas and phrases. Should you be of a mind to buck the system and start drumming out your own beat to march to, grab a copy of Karbo's wonderful, funny look at a 20th century icon.

Happy Reading!

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