Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Perfect Cold Weather Accessory

Who says the library can't help you if you don't go there?!?  

If it's simply too cold to get out and visit us, check out this database of public domain ghost stories and you may still get the chills!

Did you know there are haunted libraries all over the world?  I have not had any creepy experiences here, but American Libraries editor George Eberhart has put together a list of these spooky sites for different regions of the country each day this week.  So far he has posted about haunted libraries in the Northeast, Midwest, and the South.  Tomorrow libraries in the West are on the menu and international haunted libraries are due on Friday!

Visit the Shadowlands to find the most haunted places in Alabama!

If you do brave our unexpectedly chilly weather this week, there is a horrortastic display of ghosts, monsters, creepycrawlies and lists of haunted places for your scarejoyment.  Visit us today!

Spooky Reading!

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