Monday, February 2, 2009

Links for Librarians and Other Booky Types

I did a presentation last Friday at Homewood Public Library on blogs and promised I would post all my links on our blog, so here they are:

Best Bets for Bloggers

Presented at Public Library Division

Mid-Winter Conference

Homewood Public Library

Katie Moellering

Emmet O’Neal Library


Below is a complete list of the blogs and other websites I mentioned in my section of today’s presentation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments, and thanks for joining us today!

Top Sites for Blogs:




Gather Your Stats!

Site Meter:

Google Analytics:


What is RSS and why do I need it?

Check out this quick and dirty definition over at Feed 101:

RSS Readers (so you can subscribe to ALL those blogs you want to read!)





* Take a look at all of these sites before you decide which one to use, they offer some pretty neat services above and beyond blog subscription services.

Challenge Blogs:

100+ - You can find this “little” challenge here:

The challenge? Read 100+ books this year, and review them! This is a great way to get out there in the blogosphere and be social! It’s also a really great way to hone those writing skills J

R.I.P. – This one is a favorite of ours at Emmet O’Neal because many of us are big fans of horror writing! R.I.P. stands for Readers Imbibing Peril and is a horror fiction challenge, although the challenge rules have morphed in the past few years. You can read more about this challenge For THE master list of reading challenges check out this blog: The author, a self described “ravenous reader” wanted a place to go in the blogosphere to find all the reading challenges in one spot. It’s quite a list, and a lot of fun. Offering reading challenges is a fun and easy way to broaden your reading list and your blog readers at one time!

Library Blogs You Should Visit:

Public Library Blogs Wiki:

Morton Grove Public Library:

Seattle Public Library – Shelf Talk:

Emmet O’Neal Library -

Gardendale Public Library – The Book Drop:

Homewood Public Library:

Birmingham Public Library:

Librarians Who Blog:

The Shifted Librarian:

Free Range Librarian:

Librarian In Black:

Some Great RA Blogs:

Amazon Daily (it’s not just books!):

Bantam Dell News:

Book Club Girl:

Book Group Buzz:

Knopf Borzoi Reader:

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist:

Fantasy Book Critic:

Early Word:

Library Journal Pre-Pub Alerts:

Potter Craft News:

Reader’s Advisor Online Blog:

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