Monday, October 12, 2009

R.I.P. Challange

Some of you may remember that I mentioned I would be taking part in the R.I.P. Challenge this October. Well, I have recently finished two more books toward that challenge, and they were great! Here are my quick and dirty reviews:

R.I.P. Challange The Second Nail In The Coffin:

I read The Unseen by Alexandra Sokoloff this weekend and I was so creeped out - it was excellent! The premise: a woman with latent psychic powers discovers her fiancĂ© is cheating on her. She ditches her life in California for a new one in North Carolina where she will be a professor of psychology at Duke University. Within her first few weeks in her new position, she discovers the archives of a now closed parapsychology lab. Once she delves into the boxes she finds clues to a tragedy which occurred thirty years before. Before she knows it, our protagonist finds herself at a house purported to be haunted. I won’t give away much more of the story – but it’s a good one! Part thriller, part mystery, part ghost story, The Unseen will leave you feeling spooked for sure!

R.I.P. Challange The Third Nail In The Coffin!

So I have been on a ROLL on the R.I.P. Challenge!
Last weekend I finished The House of Lost Souls by F.G. Cottam, which was ExCeLlEnT. I really enjoyed it. This book starts out with a bang - a strange funeral, madness, and a ghostly hearse - and that's just the first chapter. It's in the second chapter that we meet our novel's protagonist, Paul Seaton, who has his own tragic and eerie past. He is charged with the task of discovering what happened to a group of students who went on a college trip to a haunted house on the Isle of Wight. Why did the group of students go? Who led them there? What did they hope to find? Paul has an idea why these things happened, because he has been to the house and witnessed its horrors. Will Paul be able to discover what happened to these students? Will he be able to save the girl who lies in a near coma, possibly possessed by a demon? The tension and the scares build throughout the novel and do not let up. The House of Lost Souls is really a great horror novel, check it out for yourself!

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