Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reading, wireless-like!

Finally, you can break out your iPad and read free ebooks courtesy of the Public Libraries of Jefferson County! Overdrive and Apple are still hammering out the details on an official app to make this work, but in the meantime this is the temporary solution they've come up with:

How to download and read eBooks on an iPad, iPhone or iTouch

1. On your computer, download Adobe Digital Editions and create an account. Authorize
the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) program with your Adobe ID. ADE will act as “home
base” and authenticate your eBooks.
2. On your Apple device, download the free BlueFire Reader app (iTunes App Store) and
create an account.
3. Launch BlueFire Reader. Tap “Info” and authorize the app with your Adobe Digital
Editions ID.

Download an eBook:
1. On your computer, open a browser, go to the JCLC downloadable website and log in.
2. Check out an eBook. Click Download. A dialog box will open, select “Open with Adobe
Digital Editions”. This will download the .epub (the actual book) file to your computer.
The eBook will appear in ADE.
3. On your computer, locate the .epub file in the (My) Documents/My Digital Editions
folder (or the equivalent on a Mac). Send yourself an email, with that .epub file as an
4. On your Apple device, check your email.
5. Tap on and hold the attachment’s icon until the fly-out menu appears which says “Open
with BlueFire Reader”, then select it. The attachment’s icon will change to the BlueFire
Reader logo.
6. The BlueFire Reader app will now launch and you can start reading! Once the checkout
period has expired the file will deactivate from your device and your computer desktop.

Happy reading!


Jenne said...

Hurray! It is about time. Of course, I just got a nook, but one day I'll have an ipad.

trav said...


If you have a Nook then you can already read JCLC ePubs on it. It's always been an approved device. The iPad is just now getting to where the Nook as always been.

Here is a link to the FAQ on the JCLC site to help you do it: