Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cabinet of Curiosities

Temperatures are rising making it neccessary to spend some of those precious summer days and nights (gasp) indoors. Not willing to let a retreat indoors bring on summer doldrums, Holley and I have scoured the stacks for some of the most intriguing books here at EOL.

Seeking inspiration from the Cabinets of Curiosities, or Wunderkammer (meaning "wonder-rooms") of Renaissance Europe, we set up our very own curio of curiosities display featuring wondrous books that upon opening, take you to a whole other time, place, and even world.

Here is just of the sampling of the offerings:

Lewis Carroll: Photographer by Roger Taylor and Edward Wakeling

Mythical Beasts of Japan by Kano Hiroyuki

Ice Palaces by Fred Anderes and Ann Agranoff

Monuments by Judith Dupre


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