Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Major High School Assignment

Every four years the 12 Grade Government students at Mountain Brook High School have a unique opportunity to learn about our nation's democratic process.

The Prognostication Assignment has begun!

This is a big assignment for the students and a long range one as well and the Emmet O'Neal Library is ready to assist! We have many valuable resources to aid these intrepid researchers in attempting to predict how each state will vote, so send them our way! The high school librarians have been extra busy getting ready for this assignment and their efforts are concentrated in a Prognostication website for the student. The complete details of the assignment and links to both the high school library and the Prognostication website are accessible through the Emmet O'Neal Library's Teen Scene blog! Click through to get all the information you and your student needs to succeed!

Good Luck!


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