Friday, August 8, 2008

Unpublished George Orwell diaries soon to be available!

"What I have wanted most to do is to make political writing into an art."--George Orwell

The works of George Orwell, born Eric Blair in 1903, still resonate today: his vision of a totalitarian society has passed into everyday language, and his journalism still inspires. Tomorrow, August 9, 2008, exactly 70 years after he penned it, the first entry in George Orwell's unpublished diaries will be made available through The Orwell Prize blog, with all addition entries following in the same format.

From BBC:
"The diaries, written from 1938, cover the descent of Europe into war, as well as Orwell's travels in Morocco, following his sojourn in Catalonia, fighting in the Spanish Civil War. They cover the insightful and the mundane - he even includes newspaper clippings of sloe gin recipes."

Listen to the BBC podcast with his son Richard Blair.

Listen to NPR's Alex Chadwick speak to Professor Jean Seaton of The Orwell Prize and Orwell's son Richard Blair about the diaries.

...and just to get you in shape for reading Orwell's diary entries, read one of his books!

Happy Listening and Reading!


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