Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - Oprah's New Pick!

I can honestly tell you, dear reader, I am not ONE BIT surprised that this book is Oprah's newest pick! The Story of Edgar Sawtelle has been getting a lot of buzz since its publication. In fact, back in the spring Holley and I went to the Public Library Association's conference in Minneapolis and heard oodles of praise from all the other book-ish types about this book. In particular, the editorial staff at HarperCollins (Wroblewski's publisher) raved about this hefty book with an even bigger heart.
Briefly, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle is a coming of age story about a mute boy from America's heartland. Edgar lives in a remote area with his family who run a kennel. Edgar's friends are the dogs his family breeds, and when a tragedy strikes Edgar is forced to flee with some of his family's dogs. The similarities to Hamlet are very real and poignant.
I am eager to hear more about this not-so-little book. I checked it out, but alas, had to return it as I could NOT get to it. At over 500 pages, this is not a quick read, but you won't be sorry you read it, that's for sure. Mark my words - this one is set to be the National Book Award winner this year.

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