Monday, September 22, 2008

Target to Sell Sony Reader

Hi Readers!
I found this article at PW today and thought you might be interested. So for those of you who may have been thinking about purchasing Amazon's Kindle, there is another option. From what I understand, the Kindle device only allows you to download Amazon titles. The Sony Reader, apparently, will allow you to download multiple formats - including Overdrive's e-books.
Mayhaps I should look into purchasing such a creature?


Persephone said...

I have had a Kindle since April. Downloading from Amazon is one way. However, about half of my books come from sites such as, Baen, Tor, and other sites offering free e-books. There are millions available to Kindle readers. We are not stuck with just Amazon!

About EOL said...

Thanks for the comment persephone! We appreciate it, glad to know we have readers :)