Friday, March 6, 2009

Read This!

As usual, we received a cart of books this morning - chock full of new non-fiction that I have no time to read, but no ability to resist. My solution? I add them to my LibraryThing account, swoon and drool over them for a little while, and then, sadly, allow them to be shelved.
HoWeVeR ... I did take the time to speed read a nifty little book that came in from National Geographic entitled Essential Visual History of World Mythology.
Here's my review:
National Geographic has produced a beautiful little book detailing the myths and legends of the world's fabled god, goddesses, and heroes. The guide is touted as the essential visual history and it is gorgeous. There are full color photos, maps and illustrations throughout. Another great find - lots of photos of artifacts, temples, and statues dedicated to the gods and goddesses inside. Divided into sections, the guide covers all parts of the world: Ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Norse & Celtic Mythology, Indian, Chinese, American, African, and Australian/Oceanic. The index is nice and seems extensive, my only complaint is that there are no pronunciation guides for the names, which can be very complex! If you are looking for a little non-fiction fun, take a look at this beautiful little book.

I hope you have a great weekend, and get to spend a little time reading!


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