Monday, June 14, 2010


I just finishedThe Devil's Teeth by Susan Casey and I mean I read this book in about three days. It was EXCELLENT! Perfect book for summertime reading as it is all about Great White Sharks!
Having grown up spending summers at the Gulf of Mexico the tale was exotic to me as it is all about a shark research center at the Farrallon Islands which are off the coast of San Francisco. In fact, on a clear da
you should be able to see these islands from the shore. The author becomes fascinated with the islands and the research (and the sharks, obviously!) and eventually "borrows" a yacht in order to spend time close to the shark's winter feeding ground.
This was a really absorbing tale, I couldn't put it down and am now off in search of more non fiction about sharks. A few things really struck me about the story, the main one being the greed and stupidity of your average human. In fact, except for the fact that is was downright scary, some of the stories would have been funny. Case in point - the captain who took a group of pleasure seeking snorkelers to the islands and dropped them in the water. The shark researchers spotted this from their vantage point in the lighthouse and sent an emergency mayday message to get the people OUT of the water. Know why? Because they looked like fat seals in their wet suits and flippers. And sharks in the Farrallon Islands in September ARE HUNGRY. Also? This shark picture was taken off the coast of the Farrallon Islands. See what I'm talking about????
Good stuff!
At Holley's suggestion I am now reading MEG which is a fiction book about an ancient shark (Megalodon) which is stalking a deep sea sub.
Even better stuff!!!!!!!
Also? This is why I swim in the pool at the J. The only scary thing in it is a bug or two.
This brings my 100 book challenge total to 22, I believe.

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