Friday, June 11, 2010

Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen

Now I have never read a book by Sarah Dessen before, but Lock and Key will NOT be my last!
The story is about seventeen year old Ruby who's older sister Cora takes her in when her mother abandons her. Understandably, Ruby doesn't want any help from anyone and her transition to life in Cora's upscale neighborhood complete with ritzy private school is anything but smooth. Eventually, though, Ruby begins to thaw and finds friends and family can help her move forward. Ruby even finds romance, but this is a very realistic tale, so the book did not turn into a "happily ever after" type book, which I really appreciated.
I love this book and loved the message. It was not too light and fluffy, nor was it depressing. The characters were interesting and realistic and I felt like I really knew them. Because of references to drug use and the rough side of family life, I would recommend this book to high school students. Also, though I would recommend it to an adult who wanted a good book to read that was not too fluffy.
I actually listened to the audio and the reader was great!

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Leslie Deason said...

Lock and Key is an emotional book about the meaning of family. Dessen's novel is a funny and beautifully written novel that blends elements of humor, romance, complex family relationships and emotion.

You might try reading Along For The Ride next. You are sure to enjoy this one too. Dessen's novels are a real treat.