Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Boleyn Frenzy Continues...

The tale of two sisters caught in the whirlwind of court life during the reign of King Henry VIII took the world by storm with the publication of Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl. Men, women, teenagers, book groups, garden clubs and more have visited libraries and book stores in waves looking to follow the machinations of the Boleyn clan and now the story is headed to Hollywood. Scarlett Johanssen and Natalie Portman will take to the screen as Mary and Anne Boleyn while Eric Bana takes the role of their brother George Boleyn.

If you haven’t heard of this series or just haven’t gotten to it yet, here is a list!

The Tudor novels
The Constant Princess
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Boleyn Inheritance
The Queen’s Fool
The Virgin’s Lover

The Lacey Trilogy
The Favored Child

Garden novels
Earthly Joys
Virgin Earth

Stand-alone novels
Fallen Skies
The Little House
A Respectable Trade
The Wise Woman
Zelda’s Cut

Happy Reading!

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