Saturday, August 4, 2007

Fans of Daniel Silva Rejoice ! ! !

Things are looking good for all you Daniel Silva readers out there who've been ready to see his characters brought to life on the big screen. Cinematical reports that Universal Studios paid a hefty sum (over seven figures!) to get their hands on Mossad agent-turned art restorer Gabriel Allon. At this time Universal does not seem to be concerned about following the series from the beginning, choosing instead to start with The Messenger. This storyline involves the Vatican and attacks against the powers-that-be in Silva's invented papal administration.

No screenwriter has been assigned as yet, but Pierre Morel will have the helm as director.

If you are not familiar with Daniel Silva or are now inspired to start the series again, here's a list!

Gabriel Allon, Mossad agent-turned art restorer
The Kill Artist
The English Assassin
The Confessor
A Death in Vienna
Prince of Fire
The Messenger
The Secret Servant

Michael Osbourne, Washington D.C.-based CIA agent
The Mark of the Assassin
The Marching Season

Stand-alone novel
The Unlikely Spy

Happy Reading!


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