Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pre-publication Buzz Follows Debut Novel to Shelves

Frank Lloyd Wright was born to William Russell Cary Wright and Anna Lloyd (Jones) on June 8, 1869 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. His father was a musician and clergyman from New England, his mother a schoolteacher of Welsh descent, with strong roots in the Unitarian faith and community. After the family settled in Madison, Wisconsin in 1880, Frank spent summers working his uncle’s farms nearby, shaping his vision of what was to become “organic architecture.”

“You may see in these various feelings all taking the same direction that I was
born an American child of the ground and of space, welcoming spaciousness as a
modern human need as well as learning to see it as the natural human
opportunity”—Lecture, 1935.

After a few unfulfilling years studying civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin, Wright struck out for Chicago in 1887 and settled finally as an assistant to architect Louis Sullivan. The Adler-Sullivan firm was the most progressive architectural firm of its time, and Wright would later acknowledge Sullivan as his “master and inspiration.” Since Sullivan was primarily interested in skyscrapers, most of the commission for houses fell to Wright and he honed his skills well, developing what came to be known as “Prairie” houses and many other world famous structures.

Wright married Catherine Tobin in 1889 and the couple immediately began a large family as well as some large debts.
(World Authors 1900-1950, H.W. Wilson Company: 1996. entry: Wright, Frank Lloyd)

It is Wright’s family life that Nancy Horan’s debut novel takes as its focus and it is a life fraught with angst, anger, jealousy and adultery. Loving Frank is based on true events surrounding the real-life love affair Wright had with the wife of a client. From all reports and early reviews, this will be a hit with book clubs and a savory read for fans of literary fiction. This title was slated to hit the shelves yesterday and the Emmet O’Neal Library does have it on order, so call us (445-1121) to reserve your copy today! You may also search the county’s catalog via our website at!
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