Thursday, April 14, 2011

What They're Reading @ Snoozy's Kids

Hi Readers!
To feed my incessant problem with bookish related nosy-ness, I visited our friends up atSnoozy's Kids to find out what they're reading.
Y'all know Snoozy's, I'm sure, they have great toys, jewelry and treats year round (right now they're getting ready for Easter!). Speaking of Easter, Snoozy's will create any sort of basket you want, for any budget. George showed me a really cute one that had a base of BOOKS people! It wasn't even a basket. They'll fill your Easter "basket" with anything, and look at these cute treats (Forget the kids, I think I want one).

Too cute!

Also? I have a bad habit of buying their jewelry, 'cause it's AWESOME. So I just had to include pictures.
But you're here to find out what they're reading, right? Check it out:

Desiree is working onGrowing Kids God's Way

Cathy's working on Water for Elephants

and last, but not least, George is reading a book on Napoleon by Emil Ludwig which was written in 1926.

I hope you're having fun discovering what our friends in the Village are reading. I have plans to visit Renasant Bank and Crestline Bagel, do you have a favorite spot? I'll be glad to ask for reading suggestions from any shop in ANY of the villages in Mountain Brook, please comment and let me know!

Until then, Happy Reading!

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