Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Admit It!

I admit that I, dear readers, was inspired by Holley's recent post: Incognito, and ReAd A RoMaNcE novel (insert shock here)! I picked up Eloisa James' book Pleasure for Pleasure and very much enjoyed it. Here's why:
a.It was a quick read - I read it by the pool, by the bathtub, in the car, and before I fell asleep at night and never had to worry about losing my place or forgetting where I was.
b. Engaging characters and a plot that was not completely implausible!
c. Very little cheesy romance writing, but a good romance!
d. Lots and lots and lots of period detail, which made it fun!
So I hereby second Holley's nomination of Ms. James as a great author if you want to venture into the field of romance.
All in favor?

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