Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scintillating Science Fiction Cinema Scuttlebutt

Science fiction fans take note!

Some juicy gossip from one of my favorite blogs, Cinematical, spotlights preproduction activity by the Weitz brothers (who are also working on adapting Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass to the big screen!) on Michael Moorcock's epic fantasy series, Elric of Melniboné. Veering sharply away from the precedents set by other muscle-bound, überheroic protagonists Elric is a sickly creature fatally tied to the sentient sword he carries. It will be interesting to see what Hollywood can do with this multifaceted character when/if they follow through with production of the film.

Now this one completely slipped by me!

One of my absolute favorite novels, Richard Matheson's I Am Legend, is coming to the big screen and will star Will Smith as Robert Neville, a man who is very likely the last man on earth not infected with vampirism. This classic horror novel has been adapted to film twice featuring big names like Vincent Price and Charleton Heston. A trailer for the film will precede Ocean's 13 when it opens June 8 with I Am Legend hitting theaters in December. You should definitely pick up I Am Legend before then! It's a quick read, more a novella than a novel though I would hesitate to call it light reading. I believe it would make an interesting companion novel to be read with Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Oprah's recent selection for her Book Club.

Happy Reading!

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