Thursday, May 24, 2007


USA Today snuck in an article about the genre of romance that some readers may find quite surprising! What do romance writers do in their spare time? Eloisa James is the pseudonym of Mary Bly, a Shakespeare scholar at Fordham University with degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Yale. If her name sounds familiar, you may have heard of her father Robert Bly, the famous American Poet. As if that is not enough, she is married to a Dante scholar at Rutgers who also happens to be an Italian knight, a cavaliere. If anyone was qualified to write historical fiction, it should be Mary Bly!

So don't be so hesitant to pick up that romance novel you've been might be missing a great read!

If you're interested, award-winning romance writer Gayle Wilson will be the featured speaker at our June 13th Brown Bag Lunch program. She'll share stories like these as well as some statistics on the readers and writers of romantic fiction!

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